Our philosophy

For almost thirty years and thanks to the experience passed down through four generations of coffee roasters, Kiccocaffè has been dedicated to producing the best fresh, high-quality gourmet coffee blends.


Craft and top notch coffee thanks to the slow roasting process, the accurate selection of the raw materials, and our expert craftsmanship.


Tea and infusions

Sweet and scented, they can instill cheerfulness and boost your mood, relax the body or awaken the mind. An experience worth living.



A unique, pleasant, markedly distinct and aromatic flavor. The best liqueurs handcrafted using only our best blends.


Lucio Recca


Lucio Recca carries on the tradition of a family of craftsmen dedicated to producing coffee of the highest quality, with the know-how, skills and passion passed down through four generations, to create unique blends of excellence.

Roasting coffee since 1912

Four generations of passion for the art of making coffee


Everything you didn't know about coffee.
  • Can celiacs drink coffee?

    Yes, they can drink coffee because coffee beans are seeds and they are naturally gluten free. However, they cannot have barley coffee as barley is a grain that contains gluten.

  • Can caffeine really help you to lose weight?

    Caffeine can increase fat cell metabolism, but to be effective its action must be combined with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet with a limited calorie intake. Having black coffee without sugar can have a diuretic effect that enhances its slimming action.

  • Does coffee increase cancer risk?

    Recent studies deny this fact, whereas some suggest coffee may even carry out a protective effect against certain types of cancer.

Our recipes

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